Zlatko Salahović - CEO

Zlatko Salahović


  • Project manager with experience of working on the development, preparation and implementation of projects financed from EU funds and other external sources worth more than 600 million €
  • Head of company's business and development and the Energy and sustainable development sector
  • Certified Project Manager for projects financed from EU funds and programmes
  • Rich experience in business development, R&D, development of innovations, investment and feasibility studies, CBAs, strategic programmes and studies, public procurement, monitoring and evaluation, state aid, risk management, EIA/SEA procedures and project evaluation
  • Previously worked at the consulting company Apsolon on the position of Director of Energy and Sustainable Development Sector and on the management of EU funds at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development
  • Holds an MSc degree in Energy and Environment from Lancaster University and an MA degree in Political Science from the University of Zagreb