Tea Kurfürst - Project Manager

Tea Kurfürst

Project Manager

  • Project Manager with experience of working on the preparation and implementation of 70+ projects financed from EU funds and national grants with a total value of more than 120 million €, securing more than 30 million € in grants to clients
  • Head of Digital Products and Services sector and Smart Villages of Croatia service
  • Expert for the development of business plans, financial models, investment studies, sectoral research, development strategies and the digitalization of the agricultural processing sector
  • Previously worked at the consulting company Apsolon on the position of Consultant and Deputy Head of the Rural Development Sector
  • Member of the Committee for Rural Development and Technological Innovation at the Croatian Chamber of Agriculture
  • Graduated in Accounting and Finance at the VERN' University of Applied Sciences after which she completed a Project Management training programme at the Institute of Management